Mahindra Cruzio is the most profitable best-in-class bus that brings you new comforts, new interiors, and all new style. Comfort, Safety and Convenience all engineered into one bus.

Features & USPs:

Designed around your safety.

Mahindra’s Cruzio is the only bus in its class to be fully rollover-complaint. Fire detection and alarm system to make sure you can act against fire long before it becomes an emergency.

Highest Comfort, Maximum Convenience.

The Mahindra Cruzio is thoughtfully designed to enhance comfort for the driver and the passengers too. Wider Seat, Roomy and Pleasant interiors, ensures that passengers are always comfortable in their seats and reach their workplace feeling fresh.

Keeps an eye on performance and safety key features.

iMAXX is backed by artificial intelligence so you get accurate results every day, equipped with a bigger battery and memory to store data, gives analytical insights, and reports regularly to monitor and grow your business.

School rides just got much safer.

Cruzio school bus puts the safety of the children first and foremost. Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Fire Detection and Suppression System (FDSS), the Child Check Mate Feature and iMAXX is used for tracking the bus, gives you added assurance of having all the safety features prescribed by RTO.


Mahindra Cruzio Bus CRUZIO 2750 BS6, CRUZIO 3100 BS6, CRUZIO 3370 BS6, CRUZIO 3800 BS6, has fuel capacity of 60 litres and CRUZIO 4250 BS6, CRUZIO 5310 BS6 has the fuel capacity of 120 litres.

Mahindra Cruzio School Bus CRUZIO 2750 BS6, CRUZIO 3100 BS6, CRUZIO 3370 BS6, CRUZIO 3800 BS6 comes with mDi 2.5 litre BSVI Turbocharged Intercooler Engine and CRUZIO 4250 BS6, CRUZIO 5310 BS6 comes with mDI Tech 3.5 litre BS6 Turbocharged Intercooler Engine.

Cruzio School Bus BS6 has safety features like CCTV, reverse camera, GPS tracking, Double door options, customised seating capacity, Vehicle Tracking System, Fire Detection and Suppression System, Fire Detection and Alarm system.

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