Multi, Lift & Pusher Axle Trucks

The haulage segment truck’s power to weight ratio is the highest, which means that every trip will take the least time. Built with rugged aggregates, it even lasts longer than other trucks. More than anything, it comes with unbeatable service making Blazo X the best choice in the HCV.

Features & USPs:

More Trips, Extra Mileage:

BLAZO X’s sturdy build is enhanced with robust features such as a powerful driveline with the highest power to weight ratio and guarantees outperformance with its unmatched Fuel Efficiency and proven FuelSmart technology.

FuelSmart Advantage:

Whether you're in the business of delivering cement, food grains, blocks of stone, or frozen food, the haulage segment has a truck for every transport application. And no matter which truck you use, you will always get the FuelSmart Advantage.

mPOWER FuelSmart engine with multimode switches:

Blazo X trucks mPOWER Fuelsmart engine comes in combination with the multi-mode switches delivers uncompromising performance. The FuelSmart buttons let you choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when your business demands. FuelSmart technology at its best, at its simplest.

Maximize your profit with iMAXX telematics:

iMAXX comes with intelligent features like accurate refills, live tracking, predictive vehicle health monitoring, fuel efficiency analysis, theft alerts, fuel consumption, AdBlue monitoring, driver behavior monitoring, and a range of automated operation reports.

Driver Information System:

The real-time Driver Information System (DIS) in Blazo X gives critical vehicle information to the driver in real-time. Apart from the engine r/min, temperature, speed, and fuel levels, it has brake pressure, trip km, diesel consumption per km, battery voltage, service reminders, and other important details.

Improved cabin for better productivity

The 4-point suspended cabin truly enhances driving comfort, the controls that are ergonomically located to reduce effort inside the cabin. Blazo X is built for safe, fatigue-free driving, which means fewer stoppages by drivers, more distance covered in less time, and improved turnaround time.


Mahindra’s Haulage segments Blazo X trucks come with 10R20-16 PR, Radial tyres, 10+1 tyres.

Mahindra Blazo is the trending model and comes in the HCV: Haulage, Tipper, and Tractor Trailer category. It has a 280 HP powered mPower 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine, high torque, low r/min engine which generates 1050 NM. The heavy-duty commercial truck has a fuel tank capacity of 415 liters.

A double axle trailer, also known as a tandem axle trailer, is a type of tow-behind platform that features two axles with four or more wheels mounted to them. The purpose of a double axle trailer is to allow a user to tow heavy objects or numerous items behind a towing vehicle safely and securely.

Heavy Commercial Vehicles is the widest and the heavy range segment of the commercial vehicles sector. HCV range starts from 18.5T to 55T GVW, including multi-axle, haulage, tractor-trailer, and tipper.

Mahindra Blazo X 46 Tractor plus is provided with a mPower 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine for hurdle-free work. In addition, the heavy-duty commercial truck is equipped with multi-axles and high-grade technology, which assists in carrying heavy payloads and provides a good amount of comfort to the driver while driving through varying Indian terrain.

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