iMAXX is the next generation telematics technology from Mahindra Truck and Bus. It is at the heart of our guaranteed experience promise for BS6 vehicles. iMAXX is an intelligent fleet telematics solution that can maximize returns for every transporter. It deploys cutting-edge telemetry technology like Dual CAN (Controller Area Network), 4G and other leading digital technologies like machine learning and Artificial intelligence to provide powerful insights on vehicle health and performance.

iMAXX is in a different league when compared to normal telematics solutions provided in the market which focus mainly on location tracking based services and basic vehicle performance analysis. iMAXX solution is intelligent and revolutionary on two aspects.


Firstly it’s the core capability of the iMAXX embedded device to take huge amount of high frequency engine and allied system data securely, in absolute real-time over the 4G airwaves for further server processing.


Secondly, it is on the machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models put in place at the iMAXX digital twin platform level to provide accurate, reliable and predictive business and engineering insights. Most telematics solutions fetch and show vehicle data to customers without any further intelligence built-in, iMAXX's capability to add intelligence to normal data for credibility, efficacy and reliability is unprecedented in the CV industry.

Using these above two core strengths, here’s how iMAXX offers unparallel and unprecedented value to customers :

  • iMAXX gives a very reliable and highly accurate fuel consumption report along with detailed graphical analysis of the different factors leading to the fuel economy for each vehicle - like idling, gear utilization, FuelSmart mode utilization, Vehicle load, speed profile etc.
  • iMAXX provides precise and reliable fuel filling and fuel theft data and alerts. No extra sensors are required for fuel level tracking. To provide such high level of accuracy and resolution, other solutions in the market require additional investment for advanced fuel tank sensor installations and vehicle downtime for cumbersome calibrations.
  • Prognostics capability: iMAXX has early failure-detection algorithms for the alternator/battery system, turbocharger and engine cooling system; which alerts the customer even before the consequential fault codes are relayed on the vehicle Controller Area Network.
  • Remote diagnostics capability: iMAXX ensures that all fault codes generated on the vehicle are in real time communicated to the server for further action.
  • iMAXX gives accurate AdBlue consumption reports along with AdBlue filling and theft data and other alerts.
  • There is an Application Program Interface (API) library available for easy integration with any legacy/ERP system at the client side.
  • Higher resolution tracking of vehicles - The embedded device on the vehicle, sends location data to the server every 10 seconds with data plotted every second on the map during playback. Most of the solutions in the market work on GPS data frequency of 1 minute!
  • The device also has the capability to connect and broadcast data from multiple sensor inputs available on the vehicle. This capability is very useful for RMC, Reefer and other application-specific data, which is an important requirement for a large section of transporters.
  • Other key features of iMAXX include Driver Management, Trip Management and Multiple operations reports.

iMAXX will revolutionize the way, customers would utilize their vehicles. It will empower them to maximize the operational efficiency and productivity by providing the right information to analyze vehicle performance, health and utilization on various critical parameters.

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