Cruzio Grande

Mahindra Cruzio Grande is efficiently engineered with features that make it comfortable, safe, and profitable. Meet the most luxurious bus from Mahindra Truck and Buses.

Features & USPs:

Drive the LPO Advantage.

Long Platform Overhang in Mahindra Cruzio Grande shifts more control into the hands of the driver offering visibility and ensures the safety of passengers. The special feature of this bus is the door being ahead of the front wheel, creates additional benefit by making optimum use of space for an extra passenger seat.

Enjoy Ergonomically Designed Comfort.

The Mahindra Cruzio is designed with features that strike perfect balance to ensure that both passenger and the driver are comfortable. Low Noise Vibration Harshness smartly located sliding windows with better ventilation and illumination, wide and comfortable seats.

Mileage and Power at the touch of a Switch.

The FuelSmart switches let you choose between superior mileage and optimum power. Turn on the heavy mode when your bus is full, light mode when running empty. Each mode squeezes the maximum efficiency from the mDi Tech FuelSmart engine.

Perfect for all Journeys.

From schools to employee transport to stage buses, with a ready to drive chassis. Safety features like CCTV, AC, Reverse Camera, GPS tracking, USB charging facility, Rear dickey for weekend gateways, infotainment system, heavy duty bus body structure, you can build you own bus that will make you and your target audience happy.


Staff Seating capacity of Cruzio Grande 4440 BS6 is 36+D HHR 32+D PB, Cruzio Grande 4880 BS6 is 40+D HHR 36+D PB, Cruzio Grande 5360 BS6 is 44+D HHR 40+D PB. School Seating capacity of Cruzio Grande 4440 BS6 is 49+D 3x2 57+D 3x3, Cruzio Grande 4880 BS6 is 54+D 3x2 63+D 3x3, Cruzio Grande 5360 BS6 is 62+D 3x2 72+D 3x3.

Mahindra Cruzio Grande BS6 bus has 3.5 litre mDi Tech Fuel Efficient Engine.

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