Fuelsmart Automotive Technology

FuelSmart is automotive technology at its best, at its simplest.

Developed by Mahindra to give your business a competitive edge, the FuelSmart switches let you choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when your business demands.

Turn on the Heavy mode when carrying full loads. Use the Turbo mode when transporting big loads over steep inclines. Or simply switch on the Light mode when running without load. Each mode squeezes the maximum efficiency from the mPower FuelSmart engine and gives you unbeatable mileage. This is the FuelSmart Advantage


Mahindra's FuelSmart engine with 7.2 litre displacement has a large heart with immense reserve capacity and a backing of 10 years of CRDe expertise. This engine, in combination with the multi-mode switches, delivers uncompromising performance. Giving mileage without short changing you when you need power, pickup or pulling ability. At the same time, this engine cuts down on emissions to give you cleaner, greener running for years to come.



The FuelSmart engine is one-of-its-kind in its frugal fuel consumption. It maintains high fuel economy despite its high performance as it features both a mechanical injection system with a Bosch Rotary pump as well as a high-pressure 1800 bar common-rail fuel injection system. The heavy-duty FuelSmart engines also bring the following innovations:

  • Unique individual cylinder head design ensures lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Modular cylinder head gasket for low replacement cost and ease of service
  • Wet liner design for minimum replacement cost
  • A water pump driven by the engine gear train instead of the belt, allowing trouble-free operation while also lowering chances of belt failure


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