Tips for Better Maintenance of Your Truck and Tipper

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Given technological advancements along with upgrading to BS6 norms, the cost of purchasing a latest-gen truck today easily runs into many lakhs of rupees. For fleet owners the investment is huge.

Topping the purchase cost is the obvious cost of operating and maintaining your trucks and tippers. In case of a breakdown in one or more trucks, it can impact task completion and also hurt earnings and profits.

This checklist of preventive maintenance tips can go a long way to improve efficiency, performance and overall roadworthiness and life of your BS6 Trucks and Tippers.

Inspect and Rotate Tyres

Running a truck with tyres in poor condition and worn out treads not only puts a strain on the trucks’ engine, it can be hazardous. It is important to inspect your truck’s tyres periodically. Look for signs of tyre wear and tear. Periodic rotation of the tyres also helps to maintain uniform tyre tread thereby increasing life of the tyres.

Check Tyre Pressure

Keeping the truck tyres inflated correctly as per the manufacturer recommended tyre pressure can protect it from damage caused by uneven usage. Maintaining the right pressure can increase tyre life and improve the truck’s fuel efficiency. Generally, it is advisable to get tyre pressure checked weekly.

Change Oils and Fluids

Engine oil, Coolant, Brake fluid and power steering fluid allow proper lubrication of these critical parts of the truck for smooth functioning and to deliver optimal performance. Check that there is no oil or fluid leakage. The fluids should be maintained at the recommended level and changed at timely intervals as stated in the owner manual.

Mahindra BS6 range of trucks and tippers with unchanged oil drain intervals helps to lower the maintenance costs.

Replace Battery on Time

Maintaining proper battery health is critical because a dirty, old and rundown battery might leave your truck stranded during a trip. Keep the battery clean from dust and grime at all times. And remember to replace the battery approximately every four years.

Regular Parts Inspection and Replacement

Replacing truck components can be time-consuming in case of non-availability of spares and expensive too. Therefore better maintenance means taking preventive measures. Keep a regular check of all mechanical, electrical and electronic parts of the truck. Make sure they are in good condition and replace them as and when required.

Get the Mahindra iMAXX Telematics Advantage

Mahindra BS6 range of trucks and tippers are equipped with Mahindra iMAXX telematics technology that acts as your personal assistant, updating you 24x7 with key vehicle and business information, via its smart features viz. Live Tracking, Accurate Refills, Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring, Fuel Efficiency and Consumption Analysis, Theft Alerts, AdBlue® Monitoring, Driver Behaviour Monitoring and a Range of Automated Operation Reports.

Mahindra iMAXX telematics is a revolutionary way to manage your trucks and business smartly, as it enables advanced real-time monitoring, intervention and maintenance, thus ensuring optimum lifelong health and productivity of your BS6 range of trucks. To know more visit or simply give us a missed call on 1800 315 7799.

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