The Mahindra Transport Excellence Awards, 2015 was a special event not only special for truck driver’s daughters but for the entire trucking ecosystem.

Posted on Monday, April 11, 2016

New initiatives and award categories like Essay writing competition for Sarathi Abhiyaan Beneficiaries, Safety in ODC, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous goods, Fleet management in construction and mining were seen. With more entries coming in this time as presented by the Mr Nalin Mehta’s report card; the growth, aspirations and dreams of all those who have till date not been recognized, were felicitated by the MTEA.


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Growth, it is said is never merely by chance, it is a result of all the forces working together. An award that recognized the upcoming entrepreneurs who carved a niche and left a mark, while helping to expand the industry was the National Winner of the Emerging Fleet Owner Award. This award went to RKC Transports & Co.

On the behest of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the safety award was introduced. This award recognizes transport service providers who strive to create a safe environment for life and goods by undertaking sustainable initiatives. Capital roadlines (Gujarat), V-Trans (India) Ltd. and Premier Transport Ltd won the award in this category.

Finance, is backbone of any industry. When it comes to commercial vehicles, many run from pillar to post to get timely financial help. The next award applauds financial institutions that provide exemplary financial solutions for commercial vehicle businesses. Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Co. Ltd along with ICICI Bank LTD bagged the award.

When truck drivers are on the move, the only thing that keeps them well connected is food and music. Recognizing this quintessential quality the highway Dhaba award was initiated. The national winner in this category was Flora Hotel.

As they say, there is nothing more worthwhile slash rewarding in this world than to let people know they are ‘worth it’! But to grow and embrace pinnacles is not merely a day’s job; it takes incessant drive and passion to achieve something. The MPower War Room sessions were filled with insights about business approaches and case studies. These resulted in vibrant discussions about the industry by the candidates.

And some epic level passion clubbed with real life experiences got created into books!

The experiences and learning got a form and the book, “Trucking Business – Cases and Concepts” was launched by Mr. Nalin Mehta, Prof Raghuram, Prof Rekha Jain, Prof Debjit Roy from IIM Ahmedabad and Mr. Kaushik Bellani, Managing Director of McGrawHill, along with Mr. Wadhera.

The book contains experiences and perspectives of the candidates of the MPOWER sessions and of course, a good book creates good leaders; good leaders create more of them.


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Such good leaders who have lead innovations and business deserve to be recognised!

The Lifetime Achievement Award salutes the Lifelong Endeavors of a pioneer and an innovator, a visionary and a leader to the entire transport industry. The awardee chosen by the Mahindra Transport Excellence Award grand jury has not only contributed immensely to the industry but has also inspired everyone in the business. He is also a Padma Awardee and he is Shri R Thyagarajan of Shriram Group. “Honourary and life time achievement awards are very encouraging. I know it might sound strange that a person receiving lifetime achievement says he needs encouragement, but that’s true!

appreciate the effort Mahindra team puts in onto this award and it not just emblematic, they also mean it.” Mr. Thyagarajan stated humbly!

And Ramcharan Yadav won the brand new Blazo - 25 FuelSmart truck for being the “Super Outperformer Driver of the year”. He had saved many lives by delivering Oxygen cylinders to a hospital on time. He successfully passed each step of stringent Driver Jury process comprising of Physhomotor & Psychometric tests, Traffic Rules and Medical tests. He has shown that by true and outperforming efforts anyone can be a Malak from Chalak.

“When her spirit is invoked, she resolves to break barriers.
When she is inspired, she surpasses her own limitations,
She is her own inspiration, her own idol.
She is a woman.”

MTBD salutes this power and so the Mahindra Transport Excellence Award jury screened many deserving candidates and found out that the Youth Transport Personality of the Year Award and Lady Transport Personality of the Year will go to Ms. Poornima Vijay Patil of Neha Transport. Her exemplary determination and nerves of steel crowned her with this glory.


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The evening was thus a striking personification of the values Mahindra Truck and Bus Division stands for, and this year’s winners have set high standards for the years to follow.

MTBD awards will continue to make this statement come to reality: “For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win!”

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