Mahindra BLAZO X - The truck you know, the truck you trust with minimum changes in BS6

Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks and tippers has transformed the face of the transportation business in India, in the HCV category. These solidly-build, smartly designed, tough and adaptable machines have made a profitable impact on their owner’s business, by proving their capability and efficiency across a variety of applications, in the toughest of conditions.

Thousands of proud Mahindra BLAZO X customers across the country are already reaping the benefits of guaranteed increased productivity, thanks to the assured higher mileage, superb performance, lower maintenance and overall low operating cost of these commercial vehicles. The decision of these transporters, to upgrade their fleet and place their trust in Mahindra’s BLAZO X trucks has in turn helped them maximise return on their investment, to enjoy higher profits and faster business growth.

What makes the Mahindra BLAZO X range the best choice of HCV for you, is the shorter turnaround time thanks to the 7.2 litre mPOWER engine that churns out greater torque at low r/min, best-in- class fuel efficiency. It is backed by FuelSmart technology with multimode switches to optimise fuel consumption in different load and road conditions along with an enhanced cabin comfort for better productivity. In fact, Mahindra BLAZO X is well established as the most fuel-efficient truck in its category.

You can also keep track of your vehicles and business 24/7 with the feature-loaded Mahindra BLAZO X because it is equipped with Mahindra’s smart iMAXX telematics technology. Mahindra iMAXX helps you to easily stay updated with key vehicle and business information, thanks to its smart tech features - Live Tracking, Accurate Refills, Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring, Fuel Efficiency Analysis, Fuel Consumption, Theft Alerts, AdBlue Monitoring, Driver Behaviour Monitoring and a range of Automated Operation Reports.

Mahindra BLAZO X comes with the lowest Total Cost of Operation and the 6 YEARS / 6 Lakh km / 6000 hours Transferable Warranty that includes the cabin.

What’s more, in addition to its superb and efficient performance, the Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks come with a host of unmatched industry-first service and spare guarantees – prompt service, readily available parts and of course highest mileage, promising a hassle-free ownership experience and extra advantage to their owners.

Now with the BS6 Mahindra BLAZO X being rolled out, the good news is that 90% of BS6 BLAZO X parts are common with the BS4 BLAZO X, leaving you worry-free when it comes to spare part availability and service. You also get the same BS4 oil drain intervals resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Whatever the consignment, Mahindra BLAZO X makes smooth work of transporting goods competently from source to destination. These HCVs are perfectly suited for transporting a wide range of goods - be it construction material, food grains, perishables such as milk, fruits and vegetables, edible oil, petroleum products, industrial components, barrels and engineering goods.

Go ahead, invest in the Mahindra BLAZO X range of trucks and tipper trucks, backed by guaranteed customer experience and join the growing number of transporters across the country that have been richly rewarded for their wise decision. Then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your business potential and profits increase by leaps and bounds.

The versatile BS6 Mahindra BLAZO X range gives you a choice of models across Multi Axle Rigid Trucks, Tractor Trailers and Tippers, to suit your business requirement.

Multi Axle Rigid Trucks:

Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 35 ton Lift Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 42 ton Pusher Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 42 ton Tag Axle, Mahindra BLAZO X 49 ton.

Tractor Trailers:

Mahindra BLAZO X 40 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 46 ton, Mahindra BLAZO X 55 ton.


Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton tipper, Mahindra BLAZO X 28 ton Transit Mixer, Mahindra BLAZO X 35 ton 8x4 tipper.

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