Introducing BLAZO X 49 – with 6-Axle Configuration and Higher Payload Capacity

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2019

Every transporter and fleet owner is constantly looking to increase business growth potential by optimum utilization of trucks and maximizing return on their fleet investment to enjoy greater profits.

Since launch, Mahindra’s BLAZO X range of HCV trucks have already given a boost to many fleet owners’ business, thanks to their proven track record of class-leading efficiency, performance and industry-first service guarantees, giving an extra edge to owners. Be it the lowest maintenance cost, lowest lubricant prices, lowest in-class oil drain intervals or the 6 years / 6 lakh km transferable warranty, the BLAZO X range has continuously raised the bar to deliver more value for a hassle-free ownership experience.

Now welcome the Mahindra BLAZO X 49 HCV – a 16-tyre truck with 2 lift axle and 3 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) options; the latest addition to the BLAZO X range. Equipped with an incremental 1.5 tonnes payload capacity over the industry-standard 5 axle configuration, BLAZO X 49 is engineered to be fully compliant with the new higher axle load norms in the higher tonnage HCV segment.

The BLAZO X 49 is fitted with self-steering lift axles for improved, longer-running tyre life and better turning circle diameter for greater ease of manoeuvring, particularly in overcoming challenging driving situations like tight corners and tricky turns.

In terms of mileage, notwithstanding a higher payload, Mahindra BLAZO X 49 offers best-in-class fuel efficiency, the perfect solution to rising diesel costs.

The unmatched mileage advantage delivered by every single BLAZO X 49 truck is credited to Mahindra’s FuelSmart technology. At the convenient flick of a switch, you can choose between Heavy, Light and Turbo modes to match the load and driving conditions. For a full load select Heavy mode. When there is no load, simply turn on Light mode for optimal fuel efficiency. Turbo mode is best suited for transporting large loads over steep inclines. FuelSmart provides a smart way to earn higher profits and give your business a great competitive advantage.

Whatever the consignment, BLAZO X 49 makes smooth work of transporting goods competently from source to destination. It is suitable for transporting a wide range of goods such as milk and chemical tankers, cement, steel, coal, industrial components, fruits and vegetables.

And that’s not all. With the BLAZO X 49, you get to enjoy a set of unbeatable guarantees – prompt service, readily available parts and of course highest mileage. All guaranteeing a long-running smooth experience!

The BLAZO X 49 is a winning combination of the advantages of BLAZO X series, with a higher payload capacity, so you get more out of every trip and overall better cost of ownership. All in all, the Mahindra BLAZO X 49 will be the heavyweight addition to your fleet that answers all your concerns of better mileage and extra payload capacity. Get set to transform your business and outperform consistently with the new Mahindra BLAZO X 49!

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