Smart Truck Survey

A survey to help us improve our products and services.

At Mahindra, we believe in accepting no limits. We always try to push the envelope when it comes to delivering better. Now, your little time can help us go a long way. Please fill in the survey and help us drive a positive change.
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How will you describe a smart truck? What are the attributes or features it will have which are otherwise absent in an ordinary truck?
Given below is a list of attributes possible in a smart truck. Please read them one by one and tick all those attributes you think would be apt for a smart truck?
1. Best mileage
2. Advanced technology
3. Offers both power & best in class mileage
4. Better pulling power
5. A truck with best in class pick up
6. Truck with better power when required, better millage when required.
7. Truck with modern, futuristic style and design
8. Easy to diagnose and repair, modular in design
9. A truck with entertainment options in cabin
10. Best ruggedness for rough / off road terrains
11. A truck with spacious cabin and best sitting comfort
12. A truck strong enough for occasional overloads
13. A truck with highest safety measures
14. A truck suitable for a wide variety of applications
15. A truck with innovative technology
16. A truck with customized features – space to keep
17. Strong chassis
18. Easy to maneuver
19. Equally suitable for hilly and plain areas
20. An untiring truck, not heating up in grueling long drive
21. Lowest maintenance cost
22. Comfortable to drive without fatigue
23. With ready arrangement for GPRS and other fitments
24. Others
Please add TOP 5 attributes from the CHOSEN ONES ABOVE in the given boxes below that best describes a smart truck.

Accepting Only values 1-24

Can you name a few drawbacks/shortcomings you wish a smart truck should NOT possess?