The JAYO Reefer is a favourite in the 5 tonne GVW category as it has best-in-class payload capacity. Its CRDe engine is proven and established over 10 YEARS now. Taking sharp turns with more material is no more a hectic task for drivers. JAYO Reefer has a small wheel base and a low turning circle for fatigue-free driving.

  • Engine Driven Reefer Unit with GS or composite material box
  • Flat torque and over drive gear box help to drive reefer unit with surplus power
  • Suitable for application like meat, medicine, ice cream, cakes, frozen food.
  • Temperature range from -20 degree celsius for chiller to +10 degree celsius
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency
  • Factory fitted power steering for fatigueless driving
Jayo Reefer
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