The high-performance FUELSMART engine


Mahindra's FuelSmart engine with 7.2 L displacement has a large heart with immense reserve capacity and a backing of 10 years of CRDe expertise. This engine, in combination with the multi-mode switches, delivers uncompromising performance. Giving mileage without short changing you when you need power, pickup or pulling ability. At the same time, this engine cuts down on emissions to give you cleaner, greener running for years to come.



Selective Catalytic Reduction is an advanced technology used to reduce the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) which is one of the more harmful chemicals in engine exhaust. This is the newest technology that meets BS IV emission norms and has better NOx controls as compared to other available technologies.

Ad Blue

Ad Blue is a stable, non-toxic solution that is a combination of synthetic urea and de-ionized water. It eliminates exhaust gas re-circulation which results in increased fuel efficiency and savings. Ad Blue has a long shelf life of up to 2 years when stored between -11°C and +32°C. Freezing and thawing does not change its chemical properties.


Travelling through rough terrains, climbing inclined roads or carrying heavy loads over long distances. No matter what your business requires, Mahindra Truck and Bus will deliver what customer desires. This is because at their core is the world-renowned FuelSmart engine. In terms of product configuration and component technology, the new FuelSmart engines are some of the most modern engines in the HCV segment in India. But, there’s a lot more than just modern components that make these engines a force to reckon with.

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The FuelSmart engine enables Mahindra Truck and Bus to deliver maximum performance, even with a full load. The 7.2 litre, in-line, 6 cylinder diesel engine boasts of the following vital statistics:

  • Delivers maximum power of 202 HP (151 kW) @ 2200 RPM
  • Max. torque of 920 Nm @ 1200-1400 RPM, for superior lugging power with maximum gear changes, even on steep gradients
  • Turbo with charge-air cooler for improved responsiveness and fuel economy
  • 4-valves per cylinder and optimised fuel injection system make it BSIV compliant without any alter-treatment
  • Directed piston cooling jets and gallery-cooled pistons help achieve maximum durability and reliability


The FuelSmart engine is one-of-its-kind in its frugal fuel consumption. It maintains high fuel economy despite its high performance as it features both a mechanical injection system with a Bosch Rotary pump as well as a high-pressure 1800 bar common-rail fuel injection system. The heavy-duty FuelSmart engines also bring the following innovations:

  • Unique individual cylinder head design ensures lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Modular cylinder head gasket for low replacement cost and ease of service
  • Wet liner design for minimum replacement cost
  • A water pump driven by the engine gear train instead of the belt, allowing trouble-free operation while also lowering chances of belt failure


The Mahindra FuelSmart fuel economy engine has proven its performance (with local components) in tests which lasted a total of 15000 hrs. The testing was carried out in every possible geographic and climatic condition across India. The engine has also emerged unscathed in additional virtual strength and fault tests.

Power 123 KW (170 HP) @ 2200 RPM 151 KW (202 HP) @ 2200 RPM 193 KW (260 HP) @ 2200 RPM
Torque 820 Nm 920 Nm 960 Nm
Max. Speed 88 kmph 85 kmph 85 kmph
Gradeability 22% 29% 27.6%


Behind the high-performance Mahindra trucks, is a service network that’s equally strong. Over 2900 service points to improve your reach on important trucking routes.
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