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FuelSmart Technology


FuelSmart is automotive technology at its best, at its simplest.


Developed by Mahindra to give your business a competitive edge, the FuelSmart switches let you choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when your business demands.


Turn on the Heavy mode when carrying full loads. Use the Turbo mode when transporting big loads over steep inclines. Or simply switch on the Light mode when running without load. Each mode squeezes the maximum efficiency from the mPOWER FuelSmart engine and gives you unbeatable mileage.


This is the FuelSmart Advantage.






Mahindra Blazo
  • 7.2 litre, high torque, low RPM engine
  • mPOWER FuelSmart engine with multimode switches
  • Guaranteed better fuel efficiency
  • Driver Information System
  • Next-Gen features and improved cabin for better productivity
  • Better payload capacity
Model BLAZO 25
GVW 25000 kg
Engine mPOWER 7.2 ltr FuelSmart
Max Power 274 HP @ 2200 RPM
Max Torque 950 Nm @ 1200 - 1600 RPM
Transmission Eaton 6S
Suspension - Front Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring
Suspension - Rear Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring
Rear Axle Single reduction, fully floating axle shaft
Tyres 10.00R20
Fuel Tank Capacity 350 ltr
Ad Blue Tank Capacity 35 ltr
Chassis Cross Section -mm 285 x 70 x 8.5
Max Speed 80 km/hr (With Speed Limiter)
Gradeability 25.00%
Steering Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering
Brakes Full Air S Cam, 10 Bar System, ABS
System Voltage 24V (2x12)
Wheelbase/ Load Body Length CBC 5000 mm/6716 mm (22 FT)
5350 mm/7315 mm (24 FT)
6100 mm/8545 mm (28 FT)
6600 mm/9372 mm (31 FT)
5000 mm/7355 mm (23.5 ft)
5350 mm/7755 mm (25.5 ft)
Wheelbase/ Load Body Length COWL 5350 mm/7755 mm (25.5 ft)
6100 mm/9005 mm (29.5 ft)
6600 mm/9795 mm (32 ft)
Cabin Single Sleeper (Opt. COWL)
HVAC Optional
* FBV available in 22 & 24 Feet only


To know more about the new Mahindra BLAZO, give us a missed call on 1800 315 7799






Mahindra Blazo
  • 7.2 litre, high torque, low RPM engine
  • mPOWER FuelSmart engine with multimode switches
  • Guaranteed better fuel efficiency
  • Driver Information System
  • Next-Gen features and improved cabin for better productivity
  • Better payload capacity
Model BLAZO 25
GVW 25000 kg
Engine mPOWER 7.2 ltr FuelSmart
Max Power 274 HP @ 2200 RPM
Max Torque 950 Nm @ 1200 - 1600 RPM
Gear Box Eaton 9 Speed Gear Box
Suspension - Front Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring with shock absorber
Suspension - Rear Inverted Leaf Bogie Suspension
Rear Axle RAR: 4.88 . Optional: 6.17 Tandem Banjo Type Single Reduction
Tyres Optional: 11 R 20 – 16 PR
(Radial) & 11 x 20 – 18PR (Mining)
11.00 X 20 - 16PR
Fuel Tank Capacity 250 ltr
Chassis Cross Section -mm 285 x 70 x 8.5
Max Speed 60 km/hr (With Speed Limiter)
Gradeability (RAR: 6.17) 44.0%
Steering Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering
Brakes Full Air S Cam, 10 Bar System, ABS
System Voltage 24V (2x12)
Wheelbase/ Load Body Length CBC 4250 mm
Cabin (AC Optional) Day Cab
Min Ground Clearance 250 mm
Min Ground Clearance 16 Cum Box Body & Cum Rock Body
Cabin (AC Optional) Day Cab
HVAC Optional


To know more about the new Mahindra BLAZO, give us a missed call on 1800 315 7799



Mahindra Blazo




Mahindra Blazo



Mahindra Blazo




Mahindra Blazo




Mahindra Blazo





Mahindra Blazo

Online Claim


You can file your claim form online now in just a click.


Please fill in the below given Claim Fields:



More Mileage Guaranteed


The Mahindra BLAZO Mileage Guarantee (the ‘Guarantee’):

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division (‘MTBD’), a division of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. guarantees that its Mahindra BLAZO range of trucks provide more mileage than the other vehicles in the same class as listed below under standard testing conditions as defined in the process herein.


Customers, who have made a valid purchase of Mahindra BLAZO vehicle as per the Terms and Conditions defined herein, will qualify for the Guarantee during the Guarantee period.


If the customer’s currently owned vehicle (Claimed vehicle), purchased from authorised dealer of the manufacturer, provides better mileage than Mahindra BLAZO vehicle purchased by him in the same class and under the pre-defined testing conditions, then MTBD proposes to take back the Mahindra BLAZO and refund the entire sales consideration as defined below, to the Customer.


This Guarantee shall be applicable up to the completion of first three (3) months from the date of registration of Mahindra BLAZO purchased by the customer.



Vehicle selection

The Claimed vehicle which is eligible to be entered in this Guarantee test by the Customer must comply with all the following criteria:

  1. The Claimed vehicle must be comparable, 6- cylinder, same load body/Trailer length & Type(HSD/FSD etc.)/ (Flat Bed etc.), Configuration (Lift/Non Lift Axle), Tyre Size (10x20/11x20) & Type (Radial/Nylon/Tubeless) same age, Equivalent Emission Norm & non- Mahindra truck.
  2. The Claimed vehicle must provide better mileage than Mahindra BLAZO vehicle by undergoing the back-to-back trial only, as per the defined Test Protocol defined in these Terms & Conditions of such a trial and/ or Pre-trial sign-off document. There will be no standalone trial done nor will any stated mileage expectation be considered to conduct the trial.
  3. The Claimed Vehicle must have been manufactured by an OEM in India and commercially sold through authorised dealer of the concerned OEM in India or directly sold by the OEM to the customer.
  4. The back-to-back trials are applicable for only rated load or lower and not for any kind of load beyond rated load of the truck.
  5. The Claimed Vehicle must be in the original state and must not have undergone any mechanical modification in any manner which may lead to enhanced performance or any other implication. If at any time any such modification is identified by MTBD, the Guarantee shall stand to be inapplicable.
  6. The Claimed Vehicle should be manufactured in India under a valid manufacturing license as per the Rules applicable in India.
  7. The Claimed Vehicles selected for testing purposes shall have been manufactured in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations The driving specifications including but not limited to emission, gear box type, cylinders, drive, fuel tanks & tyre type, condition & tread depth, body type (in case of Tractor Trailers the Type of Trailer, condition of Trailer, Single & Double Tyres), etc. of Claimed vehicle shall be similar to that of Mahindra BLAZO.


Who can take the Guarantee?

  1. The Guarantee is open to any Indian Adult citizen, currently residing in India, who has purchased Mahindra BLAZO.
  2. MTBD employees and their families, agents and business partners directly or indirectly related to MTBD or their contractors are not eligible to participate in the Guarantee, and can be excluded at any time such a relationship comes to the notice of MTBD.
  3. This Guarantee contract is personal between MTBD and the Customers. The Customers entering into this contract shall not disclose/discuss/share/advertise the details of this contract to any third party in any manner whatsoever such as in social media/ mainline media. Any act in breach of the above would make the Guarantee invalid.
  4. A Customer shall be entitled to avail the Guarantee test only once, for each Mahindra BLAZO owned. Multiple claims for the same vehicle shall not be valid.
  5. Any Customer who undertakes the Guarantee test does so of his or her own free will and that this Guarantee shall be governed only by the T&C’s mentioned herein Guarantee and therefore agrees to the same at the time of participation.


Guarantee Claim lodging process

The following clauses define the process of lodging a Guarantee Claim, which must be followed by the Customer. Any deviation from the defined process shall render the Guarantee invalid.

  1. The Customer must read, understand and agree to accept all the Terms and Conditions of participation, prior to submitting the claim against Guarantee and even otherwise, once the Guarantee Claim is submitted, no dispute can be raised later on the Terms and Conditions and the process adopted.
  2. The participation in the Guarantee Claim shall be made only through an online Claim form on the website/ webpage (www.mahindratruckandbus.com) in English language. Any other mode of submission of Claim shall be deemed to be invalid. Any incomplete or incorrect or unclear information / documents / photographs shall render the Claim invalid
  3. The Guarantee Claim along with the required mandatory vehicle documents / copies / photographs of the vehicle / number plate must be uploaded in the Guarantee Claim form on the Guarantee Claim website within the period of the Guarantee as detailed below. MTBD will not entertain any Claim received through any other mode / medium.
  4. All the documents submitted in the Guarantee Claim form on the website / webpage shall be required to be produced in original by the Customer on request, and only upon verification of their authenticity, the Guarantee shall be considered as valid and the Customer will be allowed to avail the offer further.
  5. MTBD is not responsible for loss or non-receipt of Guarantee Claim, or delayed receipt of Guarantee Claim, or website down-time for technological or any other reasons.
  6. Guarantee Claim once submitted cannot be modified.
  7. Guarantee Claim lodging process would be deemed to be completed by Customer only once a unique Guarantee Claim number is provided to the Customer on the web-site.
  8. MTBD does not take any responsibility if the website is not working on any day, for reasons which are beyond its control.
  9. MTBD does not take responsibility and liability for any harm / injury to the Customer and their team and / or damage to the vehicle and / or Customer and / or participant caused in this Guarantee.


Guarantee Claim evaluation/validation process

All claims against Guarantees received will follow a defined process, as mentioned below, to determine if they are complete, accurate and aligned with the T&C of this Guarantee. This process is not subject to being queried or changed by any Customer. This process as defined by MTBD shall be final & binding and cannot be questioned in any manner what so ever.


Steps for Guarantee evaluation / validation process

  1. All Valid claims against Guarantees received will be sorted by the different classes of vehicles.
  2. Once the above has been determined, the Customer entitled for the Guarantee test will be forwarded the Trial Sign-off note to begin the trial. The Trial Sign-off note is as attached. The selected vehicles, both Mahindra BLAZO and the Claimed Vehicle need to be in trial worthy condition & the same will be certified by Mahindra Engineer at the time of Pre Trial sign off. In case the vehicles are not in the trial worthy condition as certified by Mahindra Engineer, the trial will be conducted only after the vehicles are made trial worthy by the Customer. It is mandatory for Customer to sign and accept the same to begin the process of trial.
  3. The trial will be conducted on the regular route on which the vehicles of this type generally ply.
  4. The Customer needs to provide the Load, Fuel Cost, Toll Taxes, All trip expenses, etc. for both Mahindra BLAZO and the Claimed Vehicle. The trial will be Back to Back Trial and will be conducted at the same time & date, on the same route.
  5. The Customer needs to ensure that all the documents with respect to Mahindra BLAZO and the Claimed Vehicle are complete with respect to the Registration, Fitness, Road Tax, Permits, Insurance, etc.
  6. Mahindra will not own any responsibility of the material being transported for the purpose of test. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Customers.
  7. The trials will be conducted by Mahindra Drivers only. However, both the drivers shall drive the vehicles as per standard driving procedures/norms.
  8. It will be the sole discretion of Mahindra to conduct ONE or MORE trial on the same route.
  9. MTBD will not reimburse any amount which will be for travel and stay costs incurred by Customer for attending the trial.
  10. In case it is found during the trial that any kind of tampering or tinkering against the agreed pre-trial sign-off is undertaken by any of the team members of the Customer, the trial will be treated as null and void. A fresh trial will have to be planned with all necessary checks and documents as stated in the process.
  11. In the fresh trial, in case it is found during the trial that any kind of tampering or tinkering against the agreed pre-trial sign-off is undertaken by any of the team members of the Customer again, the Guarantee shall become invalid and MTBD shall not be liable/responsible to conduct any further trials for the said Customer.
  12. If the trial proves the Claim made by MTBD as per the trial sign off document, the Guarantee obligations of MTBD shall stand complied with as per the T&C’s of this Guarantee. Performing this trial requires around 3 to 4 weeks of time to plan and execute, and, a copy of test performed as per the trial protocol will be disclosed to the Customer post the tests are completed.
  13. For the claim to be passed, the Customer’s non-Mahindra Claim Vehicle should demonstrate superior mileage than that of Mahindra BLAZO vehicle in the same class. The decision of the outcome of the post-trial sign off is final and binding on all concerned parties.
  14. The Guarantee comes to an end once one outcome is determined under these T&C or at the end of the defined Guarantee period if no valid claims are received, or if all valid Claims against all valid Claimed Vehicles are unsuccessful in showing superior mileage than the Mahindra BLAZO vehicles, whichever is earlier.
  15. MTBD will buy back the truck as per specified conditions from the valid Customer only. MTBD will buy back the Mahindra BLAZO from the Customer by clearing all the balance principle outstanding with financier and insurance / registration / body building charges (if any) for the aforesaid Mahindra BLAZO. No other direct and / or indirect costs as incurred by the Customer in lodging the Claim or otherwise will be paid or reimbursed.
  16. For the Guarantee to be valid, there should be no outstanding dues of any kind whatsoever, with either the Financier or Dealer or any other entity towards the aforesaid Mahindra BLAZO truck. For avoidance of doubt, Mahindra shall not be liable to (a) undertake the test, if there are any outstanding dues, in respect of Mahindra BLAZO, payable by Customer to any third party as on the date of Guarantee evaluation and (b) to take back its truck, if there are any outstanding dues, in respect of Mahindra BLAZO, payable by Customer to any third party as on the date of return of the truck.
  17. MTBD reserves the right not to take back the Mahindra BLAZO, if the same has been damaged in any manner or met with an accident.
  18. The aforesaid payments may be subject to deduction of applicable taxes.
  19. The claim amount shall be paid by an account payee cheque / / RTGS and shall be issued in the name of the Financier and / or the Customer as mentioned in the Claim form, within 30 working days from the date of determination of Guarantee claim status (if any) and only upon signing a Guarantee settlement agreement with MTBD.
  20. The copyright in all documents submitted as part of this Guarantee shall remain vested with MTBD and MTBD shall be entitled to use the same as and when required for advertisements, communication, etc. without any further documentation / communication / approval from the Claimant.
  21. If at any time post completion of the period of Guarantee it is determined by MTBD or any other body that the Claim is fraudulent, all money paid will be returnable to MTBD in total, immediately with interest at 16% per annum.
  22. Sales consideration money will only be paid out on completion of the entire process, and once the Claimant has signed the post-trial settlement agreement.


Other terms and conditions

  1. The back-to-back trial or its period may be amended at the discretion of MTBD management without prior notice. This could include extending the trial, or performing it again for consistency.
  2. MTBD reserves the right to close the Guarantee and / or modify / alter the terms and conditions of the Guarantee at its discretion, any time during the period of the Guarantee, without any prior notice. However, the Guarantee offered on Mahindra BLAZO trucks till the date of withdrawal of Guarantee shall be honored subject to compliance with other Terms and Condition of the Guarantee.
  3. The Guarantee is only applicable within the national boundaries of India.
  4. Period of Guarantee – Valid for Mahindra BLAZO trucks purchased on or before 30th Sep, 2017.
  5. The decision of MTBD management on all other matters regarding the Claims shall be final and binding on the Customers.
  6. Participating in the Claim process in any manner is tantamount to agreeing to these T&C, as amended from time to time.
  7. MTBD, its employees and its agents and contractors will not be responsible for Claims that are lost in transit (physical or electronic mode) or deleted or corrupt or not accessible in any manner.
  8. MTBD will not be responsible if emails are not sent on contactmtb@mahindra.com by MTBD to Customers, as part of the validation process are not received, or received late, by Customer.
  9. Guarantees will be accepted in English only.
  10. We have considered your clarification, however, we are of the view, that this is not relevant in this Guarantee as this Guarantee is only for mileage test to be carried out for our claimed mileage. Hence, the same needs to be deleted.
  11. Customer permits MTBD free of cost, the use of their name, photograph and / or video footages and factual information about their Guarantee in public media.
  12. MTBD, process advisors, and their contractors for this Guarantee, will not be liable for any claims / disputes made by the Claimants in relation to the Guarantee, process and protocol used.
  13. MTBD does not take responsibility for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) that any Customer, whether individual and / or Organisation may suffer as a result of the back-to-back trial process or amendment of the terms and conditions of the Guarantee.
  14. MTBD cannot be and shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages / interruptions or cancellation of the Guarantee due to matters beyond its control or for force majeure reason(s).
  15. All disputes relating to or arising out of the Guarantee shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai, India.
  16. The Claimants agree that they shall hold harmless MTBD, its employees, officers, contractors or other persons and shall defend them against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability arising out of or in connection with any or all claims whether or not groundless, that may be brought against MTBD by any third party in connection with their Claim(s).
  17. In the event any Customer has further queries or desires to know more about the Terms & Condition of the Guarantee, the Customer may write to GuaranteeclaimMTB@mahindra.com or write to Senior General Manager – Marketing, 2nd Floor, Mahindra Towers, G M Bhosle Marg, Worli, Mumbai, 400 018 or call DISCOVER no up to seven (7) days prior to the date of validity of the Guarantee.
  18. This Guarantee is not a lottery or game of chance.
  19. Participating in this Guarantee will require communication with the Participant, and communication related to the participation by every Claimant, and hence, Participant waives his/ her national “do not call/ disturb” directory rights for the purposes of this Guarantee.
  20. MTBD shall not be liable to conduct the Guarantee test, if, after receipt of Customer’s request for Guarantee test, MTBD is unable to reach the Customer even after making three consecutive unsuccessful attempts to reach the Customer on his registered contact details with MTBD, The same would apply for information requests made to any Customer, who does not respond within two weeks or such other time stipulated for response.
  21. All data received by either party to this Guarantee shall be held in confidence by the said party.
  22. This Guarantee offer and / or claim against it, cannot be clubbed / exchanged with any other offer of MTBD.
  23. Customer agrees to receive future calls from MTBD regarding brands / promotions / communications.

Service guarantee

48 hours Uptime Guarantee for Mahindra HCV Trucks

(Applicable for TRUXO, TORRO, TRACO and BLAZO Range of Mahindra trucks)



Uptime guarantee ensures vehicle is ON Road for maximum possible time and in case of any breakdown, vehicle is put back ON Road within guaranteed time. The uptime guarantee is applicable to only the cases registered in NOW 24x7. The registration time at NOW will be taken as start time and the time reported for vehicle delivery will be taken as end time. The uptime guarantee will be mainly classified in the following categories.


A) MTBD Guarantee for HCVs:

Any breakdown reported on NSC, EWC & GQ highways will be rectified & vehicle will be put back on road within 48 hours, if not, MTBD will payback Rs 1000 for each day beyond 48 hours.


B) MTBD Guarantee for HCV- Rig Vehicles:

Any breakdown reported for a Rig or Support vehicles anywhere across the country will be considered under uptime.

The guaranteed period will be of 48 hours. If the vehicle is not put back on road within 48 hours, MTBD will pay Rs 1000 for each day beyond 48 hours.


Customer Benefit:

  1. Single point contact through In house technical center- NOW 24x7
  2. Vehicle ON Road, within guaranteed period.
  3. Customer is aware about every progress in vehicle repair.
  4. Once vehicle is repaired, we will inform the customer about the status of his vehicle.


Claim Process for Customer:

  1. NOW (Pune based, multi-lingual call centre managed by Experts) will send MIS for the preceding month on 4th of every month.
  2. NOW will compile all the data and will show “eligible customer” for reimbursement for the month.
  3. This report will be sent to all the Zonal Service Managers of MTBD.
  4. Based on the report, the amount has to be paid to the customer by the dealer.
  5. Payment receipt, duly signed by the customer should be sent to the HO. On receipt of customer acknowledgement of payment, dealer will be reimbursed the entire amount including transportation and other expenses.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only NOW registered calls only qualify for the uptime policy.
  2. Registered time at NOW will be taken as the Job starting time and vehicle ready for delivery will be taken as Job completion time.
  3. During the registration of breakdown, a satisfaction code will be provided to the customer. The same has to be provided by the dealer for closure of the breakdown.
  4. No accident repair will be a part of Uptime guarantee.
  5. Complaint call e.g., tyre wear, mileage issue, low pick up will not be taken under uptime.
  6. Warranty decision will be as per standard warranty terms and conditions.
  7. Customer should take all scheduled and non-scheduled repair and maintenance from MTBD authorized network only.
  8. Time taken for payment approval by customer in cases of paid job will not be considered for time calculation.
  9. Any delay due to factors beyond MTBD or its network’s control such as strike, war, flood, earthquake etc. will be excluded from time calculations.
  10. Final decision will be lying with MTBD only.
  11. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this scheme shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only.
  12. Above terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.






Mahindra’s mPOWER FuelSmart engine with 7.2 L displacement has a large heart with immense reserve capacity for relentless outperformance for years to come.


This engine, in combination with the multi-mode switches, delivers uncompromising performance. Giving mileage without short changing you when you need power, pickup or pulling ability. At the same time, this engine cuts down on emissions to give you cleaner, greener running for years to come.




Behind the high-performance Mahindra trucks, is a service network that’s equally strong. Over 2900 service points to improve your reach on important trucking routes.
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